DIR is a research group involved in robotics and its industrial applications. The team was founded in 2018 and is based in the Faculty of Engineering of Xanthi, Greece.
Under the supervision of Professor Antonios Gasteratos and the support of the Laboratory of Robotics & Automation, the team is competing in the RoboCup World Final in the RoboIndustrial League.




Searching and developing state of the art algorithms based on AI and Deep Learning methods, the development team is a great asset for the overall performance. Its subteams concen Robotic Vision, Navigation, Manipulation & Task Planning.

Design & Construction

As a team of engineers, we took various solutions into consideration regarding the platform development, and the most suitable one arose. The pioneering design consists our most valuable innovation and gives us a notable advantage in the competition.


We consider the robot as a product and, thus, we emphasize significantly on any of its marketing aspects. While forming the team’s business plan, Apart from the product planning, this sections also deals with fundraising and sponsors’ promotion.

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